‘Theorising the “Digital South”: Resisting a statist discourse’ with Dr Aasim Khan
Global South Research Group Workshop Series
24 January 2024, King’s College London



‘Towards a digital political ethnography of movements’
ISA Annual Convention, Putting Relationality at the Centre of International Studies
3-6 April 2024, San Francisco



‘Knowing digital governance from below: lessons from social movements in India’ with Dr Aasim Khan
Network Summit on AI
28 November - 1 December 2023, Oslo Met University and the Algorithmic Governance Research Network



‘Shifting temporality: representation and governance in digital social movements’
Democracy in the Times of Digital Transformations Annual Symposium
16-17 November 2023, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi



‘Towards digitising political ethnography for the study of deliberation, participation and democracy‘
Deliberation, Participation and Democracy in Contemporary South Asia Workshop
10-11 November 2023, Ireland India Institute, Dublin City University



‘Postcolonialism and the media’
26 October 2023, York Global Affairs and York Politics Society



‘The Movement and its Fragments: Considering social movements through postcolonial theory’
Alternative Futures and Popular Protest Conference
14 June 2022, Movements at Manchester, University of Manchester



‘South Asia Early Career Researchers’ Workshop’
20 - 21 June 2022, Queen Mary University of London CSSA / University College London South Asia Forum



‘Change & Continuity in South Asia: Unpacking Identity, Security & Technology’
22 - 23 June 2022, King’s India Institute/ National University of Singapore South Asia Programme



‘Are we still living in a colonised world?’ with Dr Humeira Iqtidar and Daniyal Ubaidullah
South Asian Week speaker session, 25 November 2021, KCLSU Indian Politics Society



‘Feminist digital activism in India: A recent history’
Digital People, Digital Politics Conference 
17 May 2019, King’s College London