PhD project

“Digital activism in India: postcolonialism, the feminist movement, and digital politics”.

This project is grounded in the digital space of feminism in India. Through digital fieldwork comprising interviews, and a digital ethnography with contemporary feminist activists, this study will ask how digital technology and in particular, the online sphere, is impacting the movement. The research sits at a crossroads of several topical themes within political sociology, political theory and political science, including digital access and its impact on political society, the role of social media in democracy, and the relationship between identity and ideology in social movements. Chapters will address digital political ethnography as method; the potential of postcolonial theory to inform the study of social movements; the role of ‘intersectionality’ as a political identity; conspiracy and colonialism; and the role of liberal theory in informing feminism in a non-liberal context.

The PhD is funded through the Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Fellowship programme “Interrogating Visions of a Post-Western World”, based at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.

The project is supervised by Dr Humeira Iqtdiar, Dr Poornima Paidipaty and Dr Paolo Gerbaudo.