Graduate Teaching Assistant

Postcolonial Theory
2nd year undergraduate module in the Department of Political Economy, KCL
2020 - Present

Course themes include:  definitions of colonialism and postcolonialism; decolonisation; globalisation; race; gender; sexuality; resistance; citizenship; nationalism; development

Course literature includes: Dipesh Chakrabarty; Benedict Anderson; Franz Fanon; Stuart Hall; Gyan Prakash; Achille Mbembe; Walter Mignolo; Homi K. Bhabha; Gyatri Spivak; Robbie Shilliam; Chandra Talpade Mohanty; Charles Hirschkind; Saba Mahmood; Aimé Césaire; James C. Scott; Mahmood Mamdani; Timothy Mitchell; Partha Chaterjee; Arturo Escobar; Asef Bayat


Postcolonial Film Club for undergraduates
Undergraduate extracurricular programme in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, KCL
2021 - Present

AHRI-funded project

Content includes: The Battle of Algiers; Xala; Embrace of the Serpent; Monsoon Wedding; The Wind that Shakes the Barley


Private Tutoring

Experienced private tutor at GCSE, A Level/ International Baccalaureate/ Undergraduate level. 

For enquiries and bookings please contact here.